Seattle Tree Removal

NorWest Tree Experts perform tree removals all around the Seattle area. Listed below are methods NorWest incorporates on a daily basis when performing tree removals. Contact NorWest today for a free tree removal estimate.

Tree Removal with Crane

Crane Extractions
Trees can be craned out whole or in sections over houses, garages, yards and other structures with virtually no impact to surrounding area. Of course this method requires access for a large piece of equipment but is one of the favorites of our customers.

60’ Lift Truck (Bucket Truck)
This method is also a form of low-impact tree removal and can be used in places that do not have space to accommodate a crane. This is an excellent way to remove large limbs and stems hanging over structures and delicate landscape. The bucket truck allows for the tree to be pieced out in small sections and safely lowered to the ground. This method is also excellent for pruning and shaping large ornamental trees and for shaping and trimming large hedges.

Technical Rigging
This tree removal method can be used on any tree no matter how large and no matter where the location. Ropes, nylon straps and loops, zip lines, blocks and pulleys, along with the use of lowering devices such as Portawrap and Hobbs rigging control allows NorWest to control all parts of the tree during the removal. This can be safely done over any structure including those with extremely limited space.

Please go to our photo gallery to check out the photos of the above methods being employed by NorWest Tree Experts. NorWest is fully licensed and bonded, and carries a $2 million dollars liability insurance policy. All employees are covered by Washington State L&I for your protection.

NorWest Tree Experts has over 30 years experience in the tree removal industry and takes pride in providing quality work at an affordable price.

Vic Dell, Owner
ISA Certified Arborist PN6482A